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Ultrasound of Upper Abdomen (5D Doppler)

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This test is for Male, Female
Test Preparation
Try not to eat or drink something besides water for 8-12 hours before the test.
What is USG Upper Abdomen?
USG (Ultrasonography) or Ultrasound of the Upper Abdomen is an imaging test that utilizes extreme focus sound waves to deliver photos of the body's inner constructions. It is basically utilized for assessing the kidneys, liver, pancreas, and nerve bladder.
The ultrasound pictures help in diagnosing and dealing with ailments like unexplained agony, enlarging, or contamination, identify harm or growth in an organ. It is additionally useful in actually looking at the shape, size, and position of an organ.
It is an easy, safe, and painless technique. It doesn't utilize ionizing radiation and has no known destructive impacts. It gives a reasonable image of delicate tissues that don't appear well on an X-beam.

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